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how sophrology works

How does sophrology work?

The objective of the sessions is to help you find personal resources to cope with stress and life's challenges.

The session begins with an interview and technique proposal.

The sophrologist performs the proposed exercise at the same time as her client. Both enter, through relaxation, a state in which alpha brain waves of pre-sleep relaxation predominate. The application of the technique is neutral, without any kind of dogma or need for personal content, beyond what the client wants to share.

The technique is recorded in audio and is given to the person so that they can practice and integrate their new state of awareness.

At the end of the session, the client is able to share their experience if they wish, in a safe space, free of judgement.

Sophrology can be practiced in a group. In this case, the technique is less personalized but may be done, for example, for a group with a common goal or interest.

Things to keep in mind before a sophrology session

  • The private consultation in person takes at Av C.F. Ramuz, 119, 1009 - Pully, Lausanne, Switzerland. It can also be online through Zoom.
  • The sessions last between 45 minutes and XNUMX hour and a half, including the initial exchange, the guided technique and the final exchange.
  • For the first session it is better to take into account XNUMX hour and a half and XNUMX hour for the rest.
  • Children, depending on their age, might have sessions of 45 minutes.
  • You don't need a specific type of clothing.
  • According to our comfort you can do the session wearing shoes or barefoot.
  • It is best practiced in a sitting position, in a chair, but it can be adapted.
  • The session includes the recording of Laura, guiding the technique.
  • It is recommended to bring something to write with you to the session.
  • Payment is made in advance through Paypal or by credit card. In the case of one-to-one sessions in the cabinet, it is possible to pay on the spot by TWINT or credit card.
  • It is possible to cancel the appointment and schedule a new one up to 24 hours before the session. Less than 24 hours before, the session will be billed.
  • La séance individuelle est reconnue par les assurances complémentaires agréées ASCA et RME (lorsque la séance est réalisée en personne au cabinet avenue C.F. Ramuz, 119, 1009 – Pully). Veuillez vérifier auprès de votre assurance complémentaire pour en savoir plus sur le remboursement.

Sophrology : tools for relaxation and reset

The benefits of sophrology can be applied to all different areas of your life. Click on the titles to see examples of how it can improve your wellbeing.

sophrology for men
  • reinforcing objectives
  • managing stress and prevent burnout
  • helping you achieve your business goals
  • improving focus and concentration at work
  • gaining confidence and overcoming nervousness in public speaking
  • preparing and building confidence for negotiations
  • enhancing capabilities including confident decision making and productivity
Teachers & Students
  • preparing exams
  • stress management
  • Improving skills such as concentration and attention
  • helping you focus to study for exams
Physical & Mental Health
  • managing and relieving sleep problems
  • providing soft techniques to relieve anxiety and panic attacks
  • dealing with emotions relating to medical diagnosis
  • managing, coping and minimising chronic pain
  • preparing yourself for pregnancy
  • preparing for birth
  • emotional preparation before a medical intervention such as surgery or chemotherapy
  • improving peak sports performance
  • facilitating motivation and cohesion of teams (team building)
  • improving focus, concentration, self confidence
  • coping with separation anxiety in relationships
  • finding deeper connection with your loved ones
  • develop self esteem and self love

Sophrology can help you:


  • navigate life’s challenges (such as a separation, retirement, loss of a loved one, unemployment, change of career)
  • set goals in your life for your well-being
  • manage phobias
  • achieve higher self-esteem
  • overcome nervousness in public speaking
  • manage anxiety and sleep problems
  • visualize the future in a positive way to build confidence
  • develop and work skills such as perseverance, assertive communication or adaptability
  • make more confident decisions
  • connect with personal values
“Laura worked in our selection processes with specific sessions for participants, both in groups (large and small groups) and individually.
Her sessions have always received the highest ratings from participants, and it has certainly been a significant improvement in our process.
Not only is she a great professional, but her sensitivity and ability to understand different contexts (working with adults, adolescents, professionals, etc.), make her a great asset for any organisation or company"

Berta Fraguas (General Director of “Colegios del Mundo Unido Foundation”)


Some answers for you

Who can benefit from sophrology?
Sophrology benefits anyone who wants to deepen their well-being, regardless of background and personal experience. Sophrologists themselves receive sophrology sessions from their colleagues and practice frequently.
What's the sophro-liminal state?

The sophrology session takes place in a particular state of consciousness called the “sofroliminal” state in which alpha brain waves predominate.

This level, located between wakefulness and sleep, is less deep than that of hypnosis or meditation and is characterized by great relaxation, as well as heightened perception.

It is a neutral state in which the person has total control and, at the same time, is present and relaxed. Sophrology seeks to facilitate your ability to access this "sofroliminal" level, maintain it for a long time and use it to act positively in daily life.

Do I need experience or preparation prior to the sophrology session?
It's not necessary. If the sophrology session is private, the techniques will be adapted to the person and not the other way around. A group sophrology session will have a specific topic that will be addressed in that session.  
What is the difference between a personal and a group sophrology session?
In the personal session we talk about specific topics to work on, the group session is more generic. In both cases, the experience is adapted to the participants. 
What is the difference between an online sophrology session or in person?
In many cases it is not possible to choose, for those who are physically in Lausanne, Switzerland, the face-to-face session has the qualities of personal contact, always respecting current sanitary measures. Online sessions take place via Zoom..


How long does sophrology therapy last?

It depends on what you wish to achieve from your sophrology sessions. You can go for a specific issue and solve it in a single session or can deepen the benefits with several sessions on the same topic. You can also return to sophrology with a new question after a while. There are people who repeat the sessions regularly as a way of personal development, but it is something totally optional. It is also possible, for example, to alternate between group and individual sessions.

What are the recordings for?

The goal is to encourage practice and autonomy. The person can attend a session and then repeat it at home to consolidate the experience.

What training does a sophrologist have?
Becoming a caycedian sophrologist with a master's degree by Sofrocay, International Academy for Caycedian Sophrology,includes 500 hours of training. Sophrologists also often have previous humanistic, pedagogic or health background. As sophrologists we continue to practice and enrich ourselves for the rest of our lives.
Why is it recommended to write at the end of the session?
It helps to integrate the experience, which, like Ariadna's thread, guide our personal development.
Is it necessary to share personal issues with Laura, during the sophrology session?
When Plato speaks of the concept of virtue, we can already see the dialogue, the spoken word, as a therapy for the human being. Writing at the end of the session and, if the person wishes, share part of that experience, is like bringing the internal dialogue to awareness. It is possible to share as much as the person wishes, the sophrologist is simply open to active listening without judgment, analysis or diagnosis. It is a therapeutic listening. The sophrologist is like a witness to our experience.


Is there a recommended age to practice sophrology?

The sessions can be practiced from infants to seniors, adapting to each stage of life and to the personal situation. As far as it regards children, it depends on each case. It is ideal if they are in a verbal stage phase and that they can remain seated for a while. Seven years is a good age to start. The session will of course be more playful and oriented to the interests of the child.

How is Sophrology different from mindfulness?
Both are techniques developed in scientific environments in the West, using the Eastern ancestral wisdom of consciousness. Both techniques date back to the 1960-70s. Mindfulness was developed in the United States by Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Sophrology by Doctor Caycedo in Europe.

The main difference is that Sophrology allows us, in addition to living consciously in the present, to rescue positive experiences from the past and bring them to the present consciousness. It also allows us to project the well-being of the technique into the future. Finally, there is the intentionality. That is, in a sophrology session a technique can be advised for a specific goal of my well-being. There is a wide number of techniques that can be adapted to the reality and need of the client.


How much does a sophrology session cost?

An individual session one to one costs 130 CHF and it is recognised by insurance companies attached to ASCA or RME. 

An individual online session costs 130 CHF

Group sessions cost around CHF 40. The price is always noted in the registration

If your budget is limited, you can sign up formy newsletterto have the information when there is a free group course in your language.

If you would like to request a private session for a group of people (a company, a class, a family, a group of friends, etc.) please request a quote

Is sophrology reimbursed by insurance companies?

Yes, individual sessions at av. C.F. Ramuz 119, 1009-Pully, are recognized. These sessions are recognised by lablels ASCA, Visana and RME approved complementary insurances. Please check with your insurance company to find out the nature of your coverage.  

Why use sophrology in business?
Sophrology is highly appreciated in the business environment. It can help motivate a team and create cohesion, prevent burn out, visualise a positive future, enhance creativity in brainstorming, encourage deep listening skills and have space for relaxation and recovery during the day. Sophrology can be tailored to any particular situation, from being part of a special event to offering weekly sessions to employees. Even selecting a group of employees to receive sophrology as part of a special package. Sophrology is definitely a tool for wellness in corporations as well as small and medium-sized businesses.


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