What is sophrology?

Caycedian sophrology enhances your well-being, helping you to develop a serene awareness.

The word sophrology comes from three Greek words: Σώς (harmony or balance), φρήν (brain, consciousness) and λόγος (science, speech). It is therefore the science of a harmonious consciousness, through the use of different techniques:  
  • relaxation
  • breathing
  • positive visualization
  • body, emotional or thought awareness
  • focused concetration
  • enhancement of capacities
  • consciousness of the senses
what is sophrology

Sophrology: Understanding its principles and benefits

 The regular practice of the method, which was created by Dr. Caycedo, favors the development of a positive perception of your body, your mental state, your emotions and values. This discovery allows, little by little, a positive transformation of your internal attitude as well as your external attitude towards your environment. It allows you to optimize your own abilities in everyday life, autonomously and with integrity.

A unique aspect of sophrology, relative to other meditation and personal development techniques, is that it allows us to retrieve positive memories from the past and bring them into our consciousness to support our present life. The feeling of well-being achieved during the session can also be projected into the future.

The Origins of Sophrology

The founder of sophrology is the Colombian psychiatrist Alfonso Caycedo (1932 - 2017) who established the method in Madrid in 1960. Caycedo found a gap in modern psychiatry, when it comes to helping people who, due to various circumstances of life, had lost their balance, not suffering a pathology. This finding led him to be interested in the different states of consciousness. He went to live in the East, as a young neuropsychiatrist, with the aim of studying consciousness first-hand and finding synergies between Western science and Eastern techniques.

Consequently, sophrology is impregnated with very diverse sources such as:

  • raja yoga
  • tibetan buddhism
  • japanese zen
  • the philosophy of classical Greece
  • relaxation techniques
  • hypnosis
  • phenomenology
  • psychology
  • psychiatry
  • neurology

It is possible to access your inner self with confidence

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