Choosing a sophrologist in the field of alternative medicine is fundamental to obtain good results. Before establishing a therapeutic relationship, it is essential to look for the right practitioner, considering both their training and personal characteristics.

Sophrology, founded in the 1960s, has evolved mainly in France and other French-speaking countries. There are several quality certifications that guarantee the training of a sophrologist:

1. A Caycedian sophrologist has been trained in the school of the founder of sophrology and has completed 300 hours of training in three cycles, approximately in four years.

2. In Switzerland there are the seals of complementary alternative health insurance companies:
-ASCA :Requires 200 hours of training in sophrology and 150 hours in health (anatomy, physiology, pathology and first aid).
-RME: Requires 300 hours of training in sophrology and 150 hours in health, plus 250 hours of practice.
-VISANA :Accepts therapists based on individual assessment of their background..

My caycedian sophrology sessions are recognised by ASCA, RME and VISANA in Switzerland. It has been a long and rewarding path of training and specialisation. I advise, therefore, to check that the sophrologist is properly trained. Unfortunately, some people call themselves sophrologists without proper training. It is important to recognise true professional competence.


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