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I was born in Alicante, in the south-east of Spain. I grew up in a world I didn't understand, being a highly sensitive child. I remember how in my early years my family tried to help me; they listened to me, answered my metaphysical questions, adopted a dog, talked to my teachers, enrolled me in ceramics and sports classes to relieve my stress. I was a serious, shy, responsible and very sensitive girl, although I quickly learned to hide my deepest emotions.

During a period of my childhood, a psychologist who worked in personal development frequented my family circle. One day she sat down to talk to me alone and gave me a cassette on which she had recorded her voice while guiding a relaxation. She advised me to use the recording to sleep and told me about my emotions. I was impressed with the honesty with which she spoke to me. I was no more than ten years old and, although we did not keep in touch, I followed her instructions. Soon my sleep improved, I put my nightmares behind me and smiled more.

Today I’m aware of how this moment planted the seed of personal development within me. Currently I have the satisfaction of having these guided techniques to support other people. At the same time, sophrology has helped me to integrate my own emotions, to understand myself and my path.

After studying Sociology and a Masters Degree in Communication I worked in the business world for the first period of my working life. I soon turned into personal development which is my great passion​. ​My specialties are yoga, breathing, meditation and caycedian sophrology.

I like to accompany others through life's various challenges by listening, with intuition and kindness. When a week comes to an end and I feel I've contributed to this world with balance and hope: I breathe in, breathe out and my heart is radiant. It gives me great satisfaction to bring light to this planet that, as a child, I found hard to understand.

Caycedian sophrology is a technique that enables us to effectively manage our emotional states, by putting us in touch with our consciousness and our essence. I like the fact that it's a brief therapy, that it doesn't require any specific equipment, that from the very first session it has positive effects, that it brings well-being by engaging the person and that, once integrated, it can always accompany us. I consider it a real jewel of personal development.

I am also the founder of Lighthouse Yoga Lausanne (

My sessions, both group and individual, take place in Spanish, French or English, depending on the client.

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