Experiential repetition in sophrology means that the more I commit to a practice and the more often I repeat it, the more I strengthen a change in my awareness. In yoga, discipline and routine are also two basic aspects. Sadhana in yoga is the morning practice of every yogi. Yoga practice, in addition to consolidating changes in the body-mind-spirit, also replaces habits that may not have been constructive for the person, for habits that are more constructive. For example, if I plan to get up early to do my yoga practice, maybe that practice will "get me out" from being in front of a screen until very late at night, my willingness will make me go to bed earlier to practise in the morning and, in the end, I will change one habit for another.

In the case of sophrology there is a scientific argument and it is the fact that repeating something is repeating a neuronal pathway, a pathway of nerve synapses that the more times it is repeated the more accessible it will be to me. It is as if I were preparing the path to walk it again, as if I were removing the weeds that prevent me from walking in one direction and suddenly that same path would be more inviting and easier to repeat. In this way, by repeating a practice, I gain access to a greater awareness of my consciousness and at the same time become more familiar with internalisation. This internalisation is something so foreign to western society outside mystical or religious spheres and which sophrology, with its tools, places at our disposal.

It is for this reason that in the sophrology sessions we offer a recording, so that the person has the facility to practice, autonomously, in daily life, as if it were part of the hygiene of consciousness. A basic daily routine. By the way, sophrologists also practise 🙂


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