Phenomenology is a philosophical current dating from the beginning of the XNUMXth century that finds its inspiration in the richness of the subjective experience of consciousness. Alfonso Caycedo created sophrology at a time when he was greatly influenced by the phenomenological current through his European colleagues.

This influence of phenomenology led the founder of sophrology to advocate a "phenomenological" relationship, of equal standing between the sophrologist and the person who sought his advice. The sophrologist does not know more, does not evaluate or judge a situation. He or she listens to the client and, from a relationship of equals, of empathy and harmony, he or she looks for a technique in his sophrological toolbox, to help the person in her personal objective, in the concrete situation they are in. For me it is like growing up in the non-material part, in the soul, on a mental level, in emotional knowledge together with someone who, quite simply, has also set out to also develop himself or herself.


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