Here is a list of how my last years of sophrology have helped me:


  • To breathe better, to know how my body moves while breathing deeply and how it feels to relax and let go.
  •  To give more space to my positive memories, to relive them, to embody them, to honor them.
  • To recognize what my personal values ​​are, of which I was not necessarily aware. Understanding these values ​​has led me to understand my own reactions that were not understandable without the awareness of my values, what really matters to me, what, in a subtle way, what moves me in life.
  • To have greater body awareness, the space my body occupies, my movements, my personal energy, my fatigue, my posture.
  • To consciously stop nurturing experiences, thoughts, situations that do not favor my well-being.
  • To be aware of my emotions, what emotions predominate in me, what situations trigger them, how to regain calm after the storm.
  • To be kinder to myself, respect me, understand me, forgive me.
  • To marvel at the things that I did not do before, partly recovering the ability of my inner child to see things as if it were the first time.

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